Affiliate Marketing: The Absolute Truth

The Absolute Truth About Affiliate Marketing

The Canty Effect - Affiliate Marketing: The Absolute Truth
  • What is affiliate marketing?
  • The affiliate marketing process 
  • Is affiliate marketing easy?
  • Can you make money with affiliate marketing?
  • What does it mean to create content for affiliate marketing?
  • Leveraging social media as an affiliate marketer
  • Can affiliate marketing make me rich?

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The absolute truth about affiliate marketing is painfully obvious. There is always room for more affiliates.

With an estimated 5 billion daily internet users and hundreds of thousands of product, the market is huge.

There is a new super affiliate made everyday. You can be one of them providing you put some skin in the game.

Even if you are learning on the fly, the potential to succeed is available to you.

Let’s discuss if you have what it takes to get you there.

“Don’t tell stories about your product—change the stories your customers tell themselves through the transformation your product provides.”

Ryan Deiss

What is Affiliate Marketing?

The Canty Effect - What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is allow an affiliate to earn a commission for promoting a company’s product or service online or through other means.

In effect, affiliates conduct online marketing through a web service on behalf of a merchant, with the goal of driving traffic to the merchant, seller, or creator’s website.

For every purchase through a special link provided by the merchant, seller, or creator, the affiliate is paid a commission by the merchant, seller, or creator.

The truth is that most affiliates fail as result of an unwillingness to commit to all that is required.

When affiliates sell you on the idea, rarely are they truthful about the true investment that is required.

Getting rich quick is a fairy tale that we easily fall victim to. 

Find a product, build a website, and place a thousand ads on a page and you will make money in your sleep.

In my opinion, that pipe dream is likely to never happen.

The Affiliate Marketing Process

In essence, an affiliate creates a web presence addressing a need. 

Advertisement offers are placed within the pages or posts to drive the audience towards a purchase.

The Canty Effect - The Affiliate Marketing Process

By the same token, the affiliate uses multiple mediums to reach the audience. Mediums like blogs, videos, reviews, ads, product links and more are all fair game. 

In exchange, the affiliate receives a set commission (percentage) of the sales.

Usually, a customer will click on the special link provided by the merchant. Once the customer actually buys a product, the merchant compensates the affiliate.

Furthermore, take a look into the affiliate marketing process:

  • Step 1: Choose a niche
  • Step 2: Join an affiliate program
  • Step 3: Build web presence
  • Step 4: Create valuable content
  • Step 5: Promote products and offers
  • Step 6: Track and optimize conversions
  • Step 7: Receive commissions

Choose a niche

An affiliate has to do more than just choose a niche. Understandably, the affiliate has to choose a profitable niche.

Join an affiliate program

The Canty Effect - Kyle & Carson (Wealthy Affiliate)
Kyle & Carson (Wealthy Affiliate)

Joining an affiliate marketing program like Wealthy Affiliate, which I am a member of, is invaluable for any interested in becoming an affiliate marketer.

Build web presence

Building a trustworthy web presence is essential to attracting a convertible audience. 

Through honesty and good ethics, you can confidently drive an audience to purchases.

Create valuable content

The content that you post must provide a value to the audience. Either directly or indirectly, your words must speak to a need for the audience.

The need that you speak to leads to conversions and then sales.

Promote products and offers

Choosing selective products and offers for your niche drives your earnings. Do not bombard your posts with ads and links.

Forcing your audience to wade through numerous ads or sale links could prove to be a turn off to your audience.

Track and optimize conversions

With the appropriate tools (SEO, Google Search Console, etc) you can track and optimize the traffic. This is an insight into the activity of your audience.

Receive commissions

Once sales a completed through your ads and links, the merchant, seller, or creator will make commission payments to you.

Generally, payout occur one a month. However, other options may be available.

Is Affiliate Marketing Easy?

The Canty Effect - Affiliate Marketing: The Absolute Truth

Comparatively, affiliate marketing has emerged to be one of the best ways of making money online.

Notably, it is not as easy as you hear people say it to be. If you are a beginner, getting your first sales is going to a chore. 

Nonetheless, it is worth venturing to earn your first commission.

Seemingly, many of people began pursuing affiliate marketing without any clue as to what it requires to succeed in the affiliate marketing arena.

With this in mind, learn about the opportunity before venturing out into the market.

In my opinion, the trick is to be knowledgeable enough to deliver quality content to the audience.

Unfortunately, creating a positive impact take time. Patience and persistence are required to reach your goals.

The Canty Effect - WA Banner

Can You Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

Undoubtedly, money can be made in affiliate marketing. Upward to $8 billion is the anticipated to change hands in 2022.

Moreover, the affiliate marketing arena is thriving and rapidly growing. Consequently, the opportunities to make money in affiliate marketing is plentiful.

Choosing a niche that is closely related to a market that you are passionate about is key.

The Canty Effect - Is Affiliate Marketing Easy?

Remember, all niches are not the same.

In spite of the huge market, some niches will prove more profitable than others.

On the other hand, your content can attract an audience that can be easily converted to buyers.

After all, the devils is in the details. The more knowledge that you gain, the greater your chances of success are.

At varying stages, the potential earnings can be 4, 5, or 6 figures after you become established.

Identifying a potential market for products, preferably in a field that you are familiar with, can be very rewarding.

By the same token, the more you commit to your business, your ability to make money increases.

What Does It Mean To Create Content For Affiliate Marketing?

Creating content is the driving force for attracting an audience. Your content is the magnet that captures the attention of your targeted audience.

Without being overbearing, the subtle ads and links throughout your content attracts the audience.

Studies show that there are 5 primary types of content affiliate marketers rely on. They are:

  1. Blog posts
  2. Custom landing pages
  3. Email campaigns
  4. Guides and eBooks
  5. Videos

Blog posts with quality content is a primary tool for earning money. Additionally, it is a means of growing an audience’s trust.

“You need to share life experiences. Your life is unique. If you can tie your personal experiences into your content, you’ll do much better.”

Neil Patel

The Canty Effect - Can You Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

Custom landing pages seen as opportunities to convert visitors into leads.

In effect, customizing a landing page according to the needs, interests, and behavior of a target audience leads to conversions.

Email campaigns is still an essential marketing tool for those who know how to use email effectively.

Incidentally, offering a product or service to those that have already expressed interest increases the chances of converting via a follow-up email campaign.

Guides and eBooks is a great for brand building and gaining audience trust.

Using a sign-up form to deliver guides and eBooks gives you more access to the audience.

Videos address a new type of audience attention grabber. In essence, visually stimulating your audience convert to trust.

Leveraging Social Media As An Affiliate Marketer

Be that as it may, social media has become the prime target of affiliate marketing. There is an estimated 5 million active users throughout social media platforms.

The Canty Effect - What Does It Mean To Create Content For Affiliate Marketing?

Determining which social media platforms your audience uses, allows you to focus your attention to those platforms.

In my opinion, investing time and effort should be conducive to your success. In addition, engaging your audience increases trustworthiness.

Nonetheless, as you popularity increases, so does your opportunity to generate revenue. 

Moreover, joining or creating communities and groups, and actively participating in them is a good way to engage your audience.

Learning to maneuver in and around social media is no small feat. The need to understand how social media works is imperative.

The more you know about each platform, the greater your opportunity the attract an audience becomes.

Nothing can be left to chance nor taken for granted. Success requires that you be all in.

Remember, a half-ass attempt will yield half-ass results!

Can Affiliate Marketing Make Me Rich?

Rich? That term is relative. By nature, we want an easy path to our dreams. It is common to want something for nothing or with very little effort.

The Canty Effect - Neil Patel
Neil Patel

In reality, most affiliates fail for one reason or another; however, it not for a lack of trying.

You can only become rich with new money. Unless you establish a 4, 5, 6, or 7 figure residual income, becoming rich is not in the cards.

The term ‘new  money’ refers to the need to attract a constant influx of new audience members.

Moreover, repeat purchasers would not necessarily equate to a major increase in wealth.

For example, if you money is made off of sell memberships, you can only sell it to one individual once.

On the other hand, bringing new consumers on board increases your opportunities to sell.

To broaden your audience base is key to increasing your potential to earnings.

In Conclusion

Identifying what affiliate marketing was just a small portion of our discussion. We discussed the affiliate marketing process.

The Canty Effect - The End

We now know that affiliate marketing is not as easy as most advocates claim. It takes hard work, persistence, and patience to succeed as an affiliate marketer.

You can potentially earn a 4, 5, 6, or 7 figure income in affiliate marketing. With that said, it takes time to become trustworthy and established.

Creating quality content that offers a value to your audience is the best, most straightforward means to grow your audience and manifest conversions.

Converting you audience increases your earnings. Leveraging social media can increase your audience.

In addition, this effort can serve as a means to increase sales.

Yes, affiliate marketing can make you rich if you have what it takes to get you there.

First, you will need the right niche, content, and audience. You have to have skin in the game; therefore, hard work, persistence, and patience are required.

And I close out by saying, we need what we need!

If we keep our minds right, we can keep our bodies tight!

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