Affiliate Marketing Talks, Episode 1: I Got Questions

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Affiliate Marketing Talks

  1. How do I promote my affiliate marketing link?
  2. How do I Earn Money Through Affiliate Marketing?
  3. How Do I Promote My Affiliate Marketing Links Without A Blog?
  4. How To Promote Affiliate Links On Social Media and Forums?
  5. Is Affiliate Marketing A Low Cost Business Opportunity?
  6. Is An Expertise Required To Get Started In Affiliate Marketing?
  7. Is Affiliate Marketing A Good Supplemental Source Of Income?
  8. How Can I Learn Affiliate Marketing?

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Welcome to our Affiliate Marketing Talks

Usually, there are hundreds fo questions surrounding affiliate marketing. Today, we are going to look at several of them.

Inquiring minds want to know exactly what they are getting into. What to expect as an affiliate marketer.

The Canty Effect - Is Affiliate Marketing A Good Supplemental Source Of Income?

By the time you finish reading this article, you will have increased your knowledge base and improve your understanding of affiliate marketing.

Hi, I am Canty! I am an affiliate marketer who has recently joined the ranks to build a successful affiliate marketing business.

Moreover, I have reviewed hundreds of schemes and scams to find the best way for me to earn an income working from home.

I am very passionate about learning and working to earn money online and pointing others in the right direction to develop their path. 

Nevertheless, I want to offer you guidance to avoid my mistakes and avoid certain pitfalls!

In  the Affiliate Marketing, you will get an idea of how things work. 

In addition, I will include my personal opinion on the positives and negatives about affiliate marketing as to whether or not they are legit.

Let’s jump right in!

“If you do what you’ve always done, You’ll get what you’ve always gotten” Tony Robbins

How do I promote my affiliate marketing link?

Promoting an affiliate link is not as simple as gurus would have you believe.

The Canty Effect - How Do I Promote My Affiliate Marketing Link?

You must realize that affiliate marketing in a full-time job. That is, if you expect to earn money.

Affiliate marketing requires that you perform a series of repetitious activities to become an authority, trustworthy.

Creating unique content of value around a product is the first way to promote an affiliate link.

Creating YouTube videos, podcasts, and social media interactions are some other ways to promote as well.

Here is some tasks that must be completed:

  1. Research the topics that go well with the products you are promoting
  2. Determine how to drive traffic to your content
  3. Trustfully and tactfully engage with your audience demonstrating/explaining why the product can help them

Tap into your creativity and deliver some awesomeness to you project.

Affilamate writes that there are ‘12 Best Ways To Promote Affiliate Links‘.

The number may vary from author to author; however, the bottom line is that you have options.

How do I Earn Money Through Affiliate Marketing?

Earning money as an affiliate marketer can take on a number of faces. That is the beauty of affiliate marketing.

The Canty Effect - How Do I Earn Money Through Affiliate Marketing?

As an affiliate marketer, the imagination is the only limitation. Here are five common ways to earn as an affiliate marketer:

  • Pay Per Action (PPA)
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Pay Per Install (PPI)
  • Pay Per Lead (PPL)
  • Pay Per Sale (PPS)

Let’s start with the most obvious, Pay Per Sale. PPS is by far the most common means to earn as an affiliate marketer.

First, a niche is selected; product(s) are selected from affiliate networks; then engaging content is written around the chosen niche and product(s).

Over time, an audience is built through the creation of valuable content and establishing trustworthiness. 

Audiences are converted to shoppers interested in the product(s) laced with affiliate links as they click.

Those fortunate shoppers who are serious above the value provided makes a purchase after following the link.

Depending on the niche, product, and commission rate, the sale(s) yield high, media, and low amounts. 

On the other hand, the remaining Pay Pers require high traffic volumes to earn a substantial income.

Beginners should avoid PPAs, PPCs, PPIs, and PPLs until a large and ever-growing audience emerges.

These Pay Pers are better suited for Influencers and others with a celebrity style following.

Work smart, not hard!

In addition, consistent earnings could honestly take anywhere from 18 – 36 months to establish.

Again that depend on the niche, product(s), and help provided to the reader.

How Do I Promote My Affiliate Marketing Links Without A Blog?

The Canty Effect - How Do I Promote My Affiliate Link Without A Blog?

Promoting a product without a blog is not as complex as the gurus would have you believe.

In my opinion, any medium can be converted into a means of promoting affiliate links.

Facebook is a prime example of this. Neil Patel wrote a book, ‘The Beginner’s Guide to Online Marketing’, about Facebook and earned really well from it.

Nevertheless, using Facebook and other social media networks is a no-brainer for anyone without a blog.

Start by building a brand that is worthy of trust, a reputation of honesty, and a unique perspective.

The more an audience feels connected to the content, the more trustworthiness and authority the brand earns.

Expand across several networks and become an Influencer. The brand is everything.

An example would be Travel Vloggers who capitalize on posting the most beautiful destinations around the world.

Photos or a short video and a brief caption can tell a thousand word story on its own.

The potential to earn can always be increased as the knowledge base and experience broadens.

Hell, creating QR codes and affixing them publicly across the internet or printed and handed out are more options.

Limit your imagination, but do not let your imagination limit you. There are takers for everything under the sun that has ever been created.

The Canty Effect - WA Banner

How To Promote Affiliate Links On Social Media and Forums?

Promoting affiliate links is a tasteful art when dealing with the public sphere.

The Canty Effect - How To Promote My Affiliate Links On Social Media?

In my opinion, promoting affiliate links on social media is a bit different than posting on forums.

With social media, creating posts, pages, and communities a visual assisted. 

The ability to add pics, videos, and more gives the creator an opportunity to help the audience visualize the message.

Pictures of a vacation, videos of a mountain trail ride, or a 30 second snippet of a cliff dive can bring an audience to life.

The visual stimulation makes a difference in how the post is viewed.

Forums on the other hand, are predominantly text based and lack the visual stimulation of social media.

In addition, posting affiliate links onto a forum is a little more tactically convert.

Forums require a more direct approach to introducing affiliate links into answers to relevant questions.

Technically, the links are to drive traffic to a website where full support of the link can be garnered.

In actuality, you are not going to say, “here, buy this?” The same as with a post, engaging with the questions author is key.

Not only is there a potential to draw in the author, but your response can, and often does, reel in other readers.

In addition, links that be relevant to the conversation rarely go ignored. They either spark a debate or lead to further engagement.

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” – Milton Berle

Is Affiliate Marketing A Low Cost Business Opportunity?

Affiliate marketing can most definitely be a low-cost business opportunity.

The Canty Effect - Is Affiliate Marketing A Low Cost Business Opportunity?

However, there is a catch to avoiding spending unnecessary money to start an online business.

The primary problem is the amount of advertising that is filled with shiny objects that don’t really exist.

Gurus make promises that beginners can earn hundreds of dollars per day overnight.

Setting unrealistic expectations is the biggest misnomer for their brand of affiliate marketing.

Most of the techniques require that their product is sold to earn an income.

To ensure that the business opportunity is low-cost, conducting thorough research is the best protection.

Identify these eight things:

  1. Program cost
  2. What is included?
  3. Refund policy
  4. Training
  5. Web hosting
  6. Community
  7. Support
  8. Add-ons

In my opinion, choosing a all-in-one solution, like Wealthy Affiliate, can reduce time and the headaches for starting an online business.

Each item on the list is essential to the success of an online business. Moreover, having the opportunity to work within a budget helps.

Regardless of the level of skill or experience, the platform you choose should check off as many things on the list of needs as possible.

For a beginner, absorbing a great deal of information to take on a new/supplemental career can be a bit overwhelming.

Therefore, studying at your own pace is recommended. In essence, this provides the opportunity to comprehend the information.

Figure it out options are costly in both time and money. A wasted effort that removes you from your targeted path.

My best advice is to be careful, meticulous, and diligent in your efforts; needless to say, do not be afraid to take some controlled risk.

For lack of a better word, ‘controlled’ risk helps to mitigate some loss. Being reckless rewards no one.

Is An Expertise Required To Get Started In Affiliate Marketing?

Expertise, while helpful, is not required to get started as an affiliate marketer.

The Canty Effect - Is An Expertise Required To Get Started In Affiliate Marketing?

Skills to become successful from a hands-on perspective can be taught. 

While learning the business is no small feat, you can master aspects of the online world over time.

At the rate of change in technology, a blank canvas is preferred. There are no bad habits or preconceived notions to eliminate.

Starting with an open mind and a willingness to commit to the work required is 50% of the work done.

When it comes to putting in the work, time will seem difficult trying to reach your dreams; however, not always.

Alternatively, there will be times that you can bask in the spotlight of milestones.

Celebrate the failures, roadblocks, and detours like you would the achievements. 

Learning from mistakes is just as important as getting it right. 

Consequently, learning from mistake can help you avoid pitfalls in the future.

Equally, you know what you know. Having an expertise simply allows you to jump in running with knowledge you possess.

It makes choosing a niche and products simpler.Therefore, you can build a level of trust faster.

Allowing yourself to shine is a great attribute towards your success.

The Canty Effect - WA Banner

Is Affiliate Marketing A Good Supplemental Source Of Income?

Absolutely, affiliate marketing is an excellent source of supplemental income.

The Canty Effect - Is Affiliate Marketing A Good Supplemental Source Of Income?

The average job that an individual reports to for part-time income costs money to get there.

Generally, a person may clear $150 to $200 per week depending on the number of hours.

However, time to and from the job, resources to get you there and back, and other unexpected events cost time and money.

That $150 to $200 looks more like $85 to $140. The tolls the job takes on the mind and body is also an expenditure.

Working from home as an affiliate marketer removes about 50% of the stress one would encounter from a second job.

Not to mention the financial savings for transportation and unforeseen costs.

The opportunity to build at your own pace adds a bit of excitement to your life when you are in control.

The sense of freedom is yet another benefit of working from home. 

Setting your own hours or traveling around the world are possible as an affiliate marketer.

Have internet, we will travel!

Although it will take time to build and grow your business, the opportunity to learn and expand your knowledge base is also possible.

Ultimately, the goal should to build a strong enough foundation and income to work you business full-time.

This move will allow you to control more of your time by working for yourself.

With approx. 5 billion people using the internet, you can potentially grow an audience for anything under the sun.

Time, persistence, and patience are the three most valued commodities that you can contribute to your online business.

Be prepared to commit to building you brand and you will attract an audience.

How Can I Learn Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing can be mastered a variety of different ways. 

The Canty Effect - How Can I Learn Affiliate Marketing?

After conducting some serious research, you should be able to make an informed decision.

Nevertheless, the route you choose to take depends solely on you. Her are some other options:

  • Teach yourself (YouTube videos and reading book, blogs, and other writings)
  • Join a platform such as Wealthy Affiliate which is an all-in-one solution
  • Join a program like Affiliate System Pro that is a 6 week training course
  • Join a program such as Affiliate Bots v2.07 that offers shortcuts to affiliate marketing via bots

In all actuality, there are literally thousands of programs and options available across the internet.

However, the four listed above are simply examples of the opportunities to earn working from home.

There’s More!

Teaching yourself and setting up the various compartments of affiliate marketing can be time consuming and potentially repetitive.

Joining an all-in-one platform such as Wealthy Affiliate is a one stop shop for beginners, intermediates, and experienced online business prospects.

In my opinion, the level of training, web hosting, and community alone are worth the cost of participation.

Without a doubt, users can easily setup a solid foundation for an online business using Wealthy Affiliate.

That brings us to the Affiliate System Pro course and program. This opportunity costs about a thousand dollars join.

This six week course provides an introduction to websites, blogs, and content creation,; however, its primary focus centers around Google and YouTube Ads.

Shockingly, the program does not highlight the need for content with value to the audience.

In addition, it teaches a bit on scaling an online business. Steps walking you through how to grow you online business. 

The fourth example in the mix is Affiliate Bots v2.07. Better known as ‘cheat bots’.

A suite of 37 software packages designed to aid with setting up and managing an online business.

These bots perform shortcuts that supposedly beat the system within the affiliate marketing arena.

A beginner would have some issues by not understanding what the bots are doing, why, and how.

A user would still be required to go outside to program to learn more. 

Conduct thorough research to protect your investment and time.

My #1 Recommendation

My #1 recommendation to began your journey into entrepreneurship is Wealthy Affiliate (WA).

The Canty Effect - My #1 Recommendation

If you ever though about how to make money online by leveraging online tools, wonder no more!

Seemingly, choosing a worthy work from home/online business can be a daunting task.

My #1 solution for making money online with affiliate marketing is 100% based on SEO scoring and content creation.

Moreover, I am creating content on my websites to assist users to both solve problems and answer questions.

WA offers an all-in-one solution to get the ball rolling. Novice to experienced skill levels are welcome.

Let’s start with WA’s Starter Level FREE 7-Day Trial to take a peek behind the curtain. For a detailed look checkout this WA Review.

In addition, you will receive a FREE SiteRubix Website through their subdomain. This website is only active through WA.

The Premium Level membership is the next tier offering an increased level of training, greater functionality, and access to the WA community.

Premium Plus, third level membership, offers unfettered access to all products and services available at WA.

No experience? No problem! No time for training? No problem!

The WA classes and training start you at the beginning, step-by-step walkthrough.

All training module are self-paced to be completed at your leisure.

Live classes for the Premium and Premium Plus Levels are recorded for later access, if you cannot attend.

Learn More

Following best practices, it takes 12 – 36 months to achieve a modicum of success.

Factoring in:

  • your chosen niche, 
  • time committed, 
  • persistence 
  • patience

Build trustworthiness with your audience will take some time to accumulate a large enough following.

Creating content with value is easy work when following the training and using Jaaxy (Keyword Search Tool).

I never would have ever thought that I would be writing 1,500 word posts; however, I am starting to hit 3K words per post.

That could be you!

Do not take my word for it, test it out for yourself. FREE never hurt anyone, on purpose anyway.

WA is the best course to learn about ins and outs of affiliate marketing.

If you are interested in beginning your journey, click the button below!

In Conclusion

So that concludes this block of our Affiliate Marketing Talks. Using all of the available tools are your disposal is the key to your success.

The Canty Effect - The End

Our talks offers my opinion and recommendation about affiliate marketing.

Organizing an affiliate marketing business requires a certain level of skill to understand why and how a task is being performed.

There are a number of affiliate success stories that you can model your  affiliate marketing business after.

Although you can build a successful online business using these models, that success may be short-lived if you do not reinforce your standings.

Building your business and brand based on good ethical practices allows you to earn a healthy income.

Remember to do your own homework and thoroughly research  your options.

Affiliate marketers are in business to sell something, including programs like the ones they join.

Wading through the garbage is harder the becoming an affiliate marketer.

We appreciate your taking the time to read our Affiliate Marketing Talks.

And I close out by saying, we need what we need!

If we keep our minds right, we can keep our bodies tight!

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Information is free, come enjoy some with me.

Join me and let us make sense of it all! We can do it together.

If you have not done so already, please read the previous topics to benefit from the information. 

Feel free to reach out in the space below. I welcome the opportunity to have a discussion with you.

The Canty Effect -

To your success and growth,


Founder of The Canty Effect

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