Affiliate Marketing: What Is A Poor Man’s Tale Of Wealth?

Affiliate Marketing: A Poor Man’s Tale of Wealth

The Canty Effect - A Poor Man's Tale
  • Obstacles A Poor Man Faces
  • Willingness To Improve Situation
  • Breaking The Poor Man’s Mold
  • Acknowledging Solutions
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In affiliate marketing a poor man’s tale of wealth is not one of success, riches, and extravagance. But one of despair and hopelessness.

In life, poor man has but two guarantees: 1) to live by meager means and 2) die with those same meager means.

Rarely can a poor man can lift himself up out of poverty. He is often bound by his circumstances.

Often foregoing many of the simple pleasures of life, a poor man makes his happiness when and where he can.

This article seeks to discuss opportunities that a poor man may avail him of this dilemma.

What Obstacles Does A Poor Man Face In His Tale of Wealth?

Since birth in many cases, a poor man is destined to fail. In today’s time, he is bound to a life of hardship.

The circumstances in which they were born in, the color of their skin, or their education level are just a few reasons that immediately stand out.

The Canty Effect - Obstacles Faced!

When a manis born into a household where money is the only solution, he can expect to have a hard life.

In addition, the color of a man’s skin is tends to close doors when they don’t have the finances to pay for attention.

Sad, but true! People of color (POC)) are often oppressed by a silent code. A code that extends as far back a slavery.

Nonetheless, that is a topic for another day.

The third most common factor is their education level. On average, 14 percent of students do not graduate from high school.

Of the 86% that do graduate, 30-40 do not attend college. They end up working low paying job as a result.

Many of the individuals that are able to flash cash are robbers, drug dealers, or burglars.

These statistics do not lean towards one side of the track or another. Crime is crime no matter the skin color.

Why Is There No Willingness To Improve A Poor Man’s Situation?

There are hundreds of explanations indicating why this problem exists. However, acknowledgment is not the problem.

The willingness to implement a solution is the problem. Unfortunately, the monies spent on programs is siphoned off through various means.

The Canty Effect - No Willingness To Improve

To repeat a term from an unknown author, ‘they always throw good money at bad’. This is done to give the appearance of help.

At the current rate, each adult citizen could have been given 100 thousand dollars each.

That does not include subsidies and other benefits. The cost of living increases annually; however, the rate of pay is the same since 2009.

According to Ben Zipperer, “The minimum wage has lost 21% of its value since Congress last raised the wage.”

Why you ask? There is a need to keep a poor man poor.

If everyone possessed a middle class life style, the powers that be could not play the class card.

But this is just an opinion. Do your research and find your own truth.

Cruising through the mountains of information on the internet is the most effective way to gain an understanding.

Might I make one suggestion though, read from multiple sources that offer varying positions on the subject matter.

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It Is Time To Break The Mold of A Poor Man’s Tale of Wealth

At the end of the 80s, the war on equality began. The erosion of middle class wealth was no accident.

The Canty Effect - Break The Mold

Families that owned homes since the 50s & 60s started losing to bankruptcy and predatory lenders.

Banks changed from simple interest to compounding interest. Life became a lot more expensive.

Employers began requiring college degrees for skilled labor employment. This in essence excluded a large swath of individuals from job eligibility.

In 2001, standardized testing became the norm under the ‘No Child Left Behind’ education reform.

Under this reform, it became difficult for marked (labeled) children to get the same quality education as previously attended students.

It was once said that the purpose of education was to ensure a pool of working class applicants.

Needless to say, that was not good enough. The eligible work pool had to be grateful for the scraps they were fed.

Trillions of tax dollars are collected every year, but there is very little direct spending on those who paid the money into the system.

We must do better!

Acknowledging Solutions To The Poor Man’s Tale of Wealth

Although that sounds very cavalier, there solutions to the problem. The question is, Are they too pragmatic?

The Canty Effect - Acknowledging Solutions

The first solution is to arm everyone with college degrees. Two-year & Four-year (at a fraction of today’s cost) degrees.

Help every working age adult, high school graduate and dropout, and immigrant achieve an Associate’s Degree at the minimum.

Possible, but not probable!

The second solution would be to raise the minimum wage to 22 dollars per hour with a 32-hour work week.

That would work, right? Why not?

Raising the minimum wage would cause businesses, large and small, to go out of business.

If not, they would have to raise the purchase prices of the goods and pass the cost on to their customers.

Realistically, raising the minimum wage would work. The only problem is that it would cut into the bottom line.

Their bottom line is the true culprit. It is better to pay the investors over the people doing the work.

The final solution is to freelance, self-employ, author, or an online business. One of these three is not the same.

Freelance photographers wait to get payed off of the one perfect shot the tells an entire story.

High startup costs, especially if you have to start from scratch.

Self-employment also has a hefty startup cost.

Transportation, tools, and equipment is generally the drawback.

Finally, the online business as a solution remains. Cost is negligible, if you have some equipment (ie, computer).

Any online business requiring you to have inventory is probably to costly.

An affiliate marketing program is probably the least expensive option in this entire section.

The entire next section is dedicated to affiliate marketing.

What Is All The Buzz About A Poor Man’s Wealth?

 4.5 billion, there are 4.5 billion people worldwide that use the internet. The affiliate marketing industry is estimated to be worth 12 billion dollars.

The Canty Effect - What's All The Buzz?

That is the buzz! Find the right fit is the hardest thing you will encounter while trying to become an affiliate marketer.

We will be preparing reviews over the next few posts to provide a breakdown of the pros and cons of various programs.

I enrolled in the Wealthy Affiliate (WA) program after watching their in-depth presentation.

Oh, did I forget to mention that the entry level was free? I joined the ‘Premium’ level within 48 hours.

Less than 50 bucks a month, provided me with access to build 10 websites, A-Z training on all aspects of affiliate marketing, as well as, niche marketing.

WA has put together a state-of-the-art platform. The available tools are unmatched.

Finally, the WA community are content creators such as myself. If you can imagine, they are a global family.

The camaraderie is unlike anything you will ever experience. The communication, the synergy, and the support are literally overwhelming.

Nonetheless, you would have to be there to experience it!

We Have Come Full Circle

A poor man’s tale of wealth is a simple one. He is bound to living and dying in a meager existence.

The circumstances in which they were born in, the color of their skin, or their education level are just a few reasons that immediately stand out.

The Canty Effect - The End

It is without question time for that mold to be broken. At this rate, it will soon be a crime to want a better life.

It is time for the revolution of the independent thinker. The dream of a family, house, and picket fence is still viable.

However, the means to acquire those things have changed. Very few types of jobs offer a retirement with a pension.

In addition, you cannot depend on others. Acknowledging this new reality starts you on a more proficient path.

College degrees, a surprising jump to minimum wage, and self-employment for the average individual are all possible, but not probable.

Consequently, an online business can provide financial security, improved lifestyle, and independence.

Wealthy Affiliate has such a program available to you today, right now!

And I close out by saying, we need what we need!

If we keep our minds right, we can keep our bodies tight!

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  1. Noticed you had no comments on here Ronnie as i read through, First id like to thank you for your service as a Marine and Police captain, God bless. Thats awsome. And I dont think its possable to agree more with most of your content. There is a vary sad level of honesty in our world today. But im happy you are writing on the issue and i hope people read it as well and listen. Cant wait to see what you share next.

    • James, I appreciate your stopping by, taking the time to read this post, and commenting. The truth is we can change things one click at a time. The system didn’t break in a day; therefore, it will take some time to get back on track. Call me optimistic!


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