Swagbucks.com Review – Is The Con Up?

The Canty Effect - Swagbucks.com Review - Is The Con Up?

Swagbucks.com: Is The Con Up?

  • Summary
  • What Does Swagbucks.com Program Have to Offer
  • The Competition
  • Earning from Swagbucks.com
  • Cost of joining the Swagbucks.com program
  • Finding Value With Swagbucks.com

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Is the con up? Swagbucks.com is a rewards website that boasts 20 Million users around the world.

These users earn points by taking surveys, playing games, shopping, and watching videos.

The points accumulated can later be redeemed through gift cards or cash. Here lies the problem.

Many users cry foul when attempting to redeem their Swagbucks points. Apparently it is difficult to collect from Swagbucks.com.

This review will look at Swagbucks.com offerings and discuss their business model.

The Swagbucks.com Review Summary

The Canty Effect - The Swagbucks.com Review Summary

Product Name: Prodege, LLC

Product Owner(s): Josef Gorowitz

Cost: Free to join

Overall Score: 50 out of 100

Recommendation: No, Inherent issues with the process

Summary: Swagbucks.com offers point in exchange for a user completing surveys. The points conversion is 1 cent per Swagbucks point.

Upon joining, my portal offered several high points totals to complete the surveys.

However, halfway through the system kicked me out of the survey and returned me to the home screen without explanation.

The process is time consuming with very little benefit to the user. A user can spent hours completing surveys and earn a fraction of minimum wage.

During my enrollment, I was offered 300 points to enroll in an AARP Rewards program.

I never received the points for joining. In fact, the system did not acknowledge that I completed the process.

Moreover, one user spent 5 hours taking surveys only to earn 89 cents per hour.

Time, O my friend, is money! Time wasted can never conduce to money well managed.”

Edward Bulwer

There is a disconnect between the surveys and the Swaybacks.com process. In addition, there is no survey history to refer to.

The process is similar to a paper click program. Swagbucks.com gets paid for your clicks through a survey. There is little to no benefit for the user.

The Canty Effect - Swagbucks.com Inbox

But rest assure Swagbucks.com is getting paid for each of those clicks.

A user can literally click through 2 dozen surveys and not receive a single point.

The Con: What Does Swagbucks Program Have To Offer?

The Swagbuck.com program has very little to offer the user. Of course, there are Swagbucks points and gift cards to be earned.

However, accumulating these earnings is no small feat. It is like jumping through hoops in the dark.

The user is at the mercy of the system. Again several of the surveys I clicked through survey until a certain point and got kicked out.

Most of the surveys appear to be collecting information on me, my likes, dislikes, alcohol consumption, and more.

I fell as if I have been providing information for entry on a few mailing lists (SPAM).

Some users simply say that they were rejected from their surveys. Nonetheless, there is no way to not waste time.

If you can amass points, Swagbucks.com lets you redeem the Swagbucks points for gift cards to a wide range businesses, such as Amazon, Olive Garden, and Target.

The Competition

Swagbucks.com has several competitors in the rewards arena. RetailMeNot is their largest competitor.

Although the Owler rates Swagbucks.com higher, RetaiMeNot definitely has a larger share of the market.

Additional competitors are:

  • Mypoint.com
  • Valued Opinions
  • FusionCash
  • Opinion Outpost
  • Pinecone research
  • Survey Junkie
  • iPoll
  • MySurvey

Swagbucks.com appears to be the most popular rewards program; however, you cannot earn as easy as most reviews claim.

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The Con: Can You Earn From The Swagbucks.com Program?

The Canty Effect - The Con: Can You Earn From The Swagbucks.com Program?

You can actually earn from Swagbucks.com, if you have the time to sit and click through their aimless surveys.

In the service industry, a waitress makes around $2.13 per hour without tips which is approximately $1.24 more than you can make at Swagbucks.com.

A user could expect to spend approximately 3 hours to make one hour of waitress’ pay.

Although you cannot get rich from Swagbucks.com, you can earn free gift cards and cash.

While members have earned as much as $400 Million over the past 20 years, the figure could/should be higher but for the number of drawbacks highlighted by users.

Most complaints stemmed from users getting credit for and attempting to redeem their points.

Users experience a host of problems redeeming their Swagbucks points. Getting locked out after attempting to redeem points is the most common problem reported by users.

In addition, the Swagbucks.com customer service is something to be desired.

Apparently, the automated system used replaced live assistance and leaves users with a bad taste in their mouth.

The Cost Of Joining The Swagbucks.com Program

Luckily, Swagbuck.com program is free to join. A user has the potential to earn hundreds, if not thousands through the program.

You can earn money by taking surveys, watching videos, playing games, using the Swagbucks search engine, or shop online.

Cashing out is supposed to be as simple as exchanging the Swagbucks points for gift cards for assorted retailers or receiving cash through PayPal.

The Canty Effect - The Cost Of Joining The Swagbucks.com Program

Above is another survey that I took, but never received the SB amount.

Participating on Swagbuck.com makes me feel like I am playing the lottery.

A banner pops up stating that “all surveys are not winners or you did not qualify for this survey.”

You will not always qualify for ever survey which can be frustrating to waste 3 to 5 minutes answering questions to be disqualified mid-stream.

“Telling some people not to waste time is a waste of time.”

Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Finding Value With Swagbucks.com – The Con

Swagbucks.com will help you earn cash back on your purchases, If you do any shopping online.

Simply sign into Swagbucks.com and from your account select the retailer you plan to shop with.

The Canty Effect - Finding Value With Swagbucks.com - The Con

Carry on with your normal shopping and after several days or weeks your account will be credited with swayback points.

Which mean that your savings may not be as great as they suggest.

Seemingly, a $10 savings shopping would equal a thousand Swagbucks points.

However, there is no evidence as to how that works. I have yet to make a purchase from my Swagbucks.com account.

Searching for deals offers a greater benefit than subjecting yourself to the survey lottery.

Even the discounted gift cards pose a problem. For example, a user purchase a Target $100 gift card through Swagbucks.com.

Then jump through hoops of tying their Swagbucks.com account to Target, and then making a purchase.

The user could yield a savings of 5% max. from the overall process. An estimated 2% for ordering the Gift Card and another 3% for using the Swagbucks.com portal.

I realize that saving is saving, but time is money too. In order to realize a true savings, a user would have to spend thousands in exchange for points.

Points that have to accumulate and then be converted back to cash or another gift card. Either way, seeing real cash becomes expensive.

What Is There To Like About Swagbucks.com Program?

Nothing! There is really not much to like about Swagbucks.com. Unless you are one of those avid coupon clippers from the 90s.

The Canty Effect - What Is There To Like About Swagbucks.com Program?

You know, those folk that could not go to the store unless they had a ton of coupons.

At least then they saw benefit immediately and without jumping through hoops.

In my opinion, Swagbucks.com gives you the impression of value through all of the twists and turn of their system.

They offer you a point when you are rejected for a survey which the undoubtable benefit more than the user.

At the rate of rejection, it would be hard to believe that Swagbucks.com would lose money on rejections.

It seems that if it mattered, the users would be matched with their interest. Not just lured into a survey only to be rejected after several minutes of answering very personal questions.

Again for those that are willing to spend days accumulating a couple of bucks, really do not understand the value of their time.

“Regret for wasted time is more wasted time ”

Mason Cooley

Understandably, I do not regret eating time reviewing Swagbucks.com. Consequently, I regret being disappointed about a service that so many love.

I guess we all cannot be mystified by illusions.

Time wasted can never be recovered!


My Recommendation On Swagbucks.com Program

The Canty Effect - The End

My recommendation is to avoid Swagbucks.com unless you are a glutten for punishment.

The negative reviews submitted by other users should have been enough; however, it was necessary to see how accurate the complaints were.

Test drive the Swagbucks.com program to see if it is a fit for you. You may feel differently.

And I close out by saying, we need what we need!

If we keep our minds right, we can keep our bodies tight!

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